What is an Expert?

At Hyperion, we are truly a consultancy of experts.

Our professional roster includes attorneys, legal professionals, management consultants and technologists. We are well-published, well-spoken, well-known and well-regarded.  We are thought leaders and business leaders, and our experts are consistently called upon to help shape the direction of legal practice management and the business of law.

Leadership is about confidence in your knowledge and experience, but it's also about making things happen. Each of our practice groups brings a deep, practical knowledge of both the substantive area and how to achieve business success. Our clients come to us with their most critical questions, knowing that our solutions will always be intelligent, pragmatic and actionable.

We constantly work to translate our expertise in new and innovative ways, and deliver solutions ahead of the curve. Hire us for our expertise, but retain us to help lead, improve and transform your organization.


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Professional Profiles

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  • Nguyen "Lee" Ly
    Sr. Solutions Consultant
    Los Angeles
    • Workflow & Automation
    • BPM Solutions Architect
    • Legal Business Intake
    Nguyen "Lee" Ly
    Sr. Solutions Consultant

    Lee is a workflow developer with over twelve years’ experience managing, designing and developing full life-cycle Business Process Management projects. He is proficient in gathering and analyzing complex user requirements, as well as the design, development and testing of workflow systems.  Lee is widely recognized as the “go to” workflow expert in legal, with exceptional troubleshooting, training and documentation skills.

    Lee has worked with legal organizations around the world to implement wide-ranging workflow and process automation initiatives, including pioneering legal process automation projects on many of the industry’s first generation platforms. He is the industry’s leading developer on the Metastorm BPM platform, and has a distinguished reputation for designing, developing, managing and implementing workflow and new business intake automation solutions integrating BPM with Thomson Elite Enterprise and 3E, Aderant Expert, Prolaw, and countless legal practice management systems.

    Prior to joining Hyperion Global Partners, Lee was a BPM Solutions Architect at Thomson Reuters Elite.

    Lee holds a B.S in Computer Science and Engineering from California State University – Long Beach.

  • Chris O'Connor
    Sr. Intelligence Analyst
    New York
    • Competitive Analysis
    • MarketView Research
    • Performance Mgmt & KPIs
    Chris O'Connor
    Sr. Intelligence Analyst

    Christopher O’Connor works as a Senior Intelligence Analyst in Hyperion’s acclaimed Research division. Chris is responsible for developing and supervising Research Agendas and product development for Hyperion Research’s Intellectual Property and Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) practices. He leads the creation of the company’s renowned MarketView Reports, which offer the market’s leading solution landscape analysis, including leading trends and in-depth coverage of Advanced Solution Providers.  He is also responsible for TrendView projects, benchmarking programs and specialized client research initiatives.

    Christopher is a licensed attorney in New York. He has worked previously as a market researcher and strategist for a number of business-to-business consultancies serving legal, technology and business constituencies.  As a lawyer and legal project manager, he also supervised a number of high-profile litigation and discovery projects with leading legal service providers.

    Christopher spent the first part of his professional life in journalism, during which he honed his research instincts and wrote about music, finance, popular culture, government, home improvement, regulatory compliance and other topics.

  • Garvin K. Fouts
    Managing Director
    • Workflow & Automation
    • Legal Systems & Integrations
    • Enterprise BPM
    Garvin K. Fouts
    Managing Director

    Garvin has over 15 years of experience providing development, project management, tactical and strategic guidance for firms around the world implementing Business Process Automation and Workflow Solutions across various technology platforms. He has extensive expertise in building and managing high-performance project teams, product development, technology assessment and application, system integration, business process re-engineering, and BPM transition planning for AmLaw 200 and Global 1000 organizations.

    Prior to joining Hyperion, Garvin served as VP of Automation Services at I-nnovate. Before that, he was Product and Development Manager of Thomson Reuters’ Business Process Management Group, where he introduced revolutionary solutions, including Web Services integration, automated conflicts resolution (eConflicts), standardized process and documentation (CMM Level 2), and internal process automation for Purchasing, Accounting, and HR. Garvin has also been a speaker at industry conferences and contributor to publications as thought leader in Business Process Automation for the Legal profession.


  • Phil Neely
    Managing Director
    Palm Springs
    • Enterprise Legal Mgmt
    • Legal Operations
    • Performance Mgmt
    Phil Neely
    Managing Director

    Phil Neely is a Managing Director of Hyperion Global Partners, and leads the firm’s Enterprise Legal Management practice.  With over 30 years of legal-specific business and technology experience with Corporate Legal Departments, Phil applies his extensive working knowledge and management acumen to help clients address their most pressing strategic and operational issues.  

    Phil has worked with the world’s leading Corporate Legal Departments to select, implement and administer solutions that drive cost savings, reduce risk, and achieve operational excellence.  With a special focus on long term customer satisfaction, many of his clients have come to rely on Phil as a leading expert in Matter and Spend Management, Contract Lifecycle Management and others.   He helps clients conceive, develop and execute technology improvement initiatives across a broad range of solution areas.

    Phil is a seasoned professional in managing high performance project teams and to align transformation projects with the goals and objectives of the business and C-suite decision makers. Phil is well-known and well-recognized as a leader and trail blazer in Corporate Legal circles, and employs his strong, trusted relationships with the industry’s leading solution providers to help bring the most effective and impactful solutions to his clients.

    Prior to joining Hyperion Global Partners, Phil has held executive positions at Duff & Phelps, Wolters Kluwer, Datacert, June Consulting and Bridgeway Software.

  • Brian M. Lake
    • Creative Strategy
    • Assets and Delivery
    • Client Engagement
    Brian M. Lake

    Brian Lake is a Director of Hyperion Global Partners, serving as the company’s Creative Director and Strategy Officer of Hyperion’s venerable Research division.  Brian has over 28 years of entrepreneurial and leadership expertise with creative and marketing service solutions, serving a broad range of highly visible clients across various industries. His breadth of expertise includes the creation and implementation of creative deliverables that span across branding, digital/print media, web design and development, usability focus design, data visualization, presentation design, interactive technology design, and illustration.

    Prior to joining Hyperion, Brian served as Creative Director of HBR Consulting, tasked with creating and then managing the firm’s creative/marketing department, including internal and client-related brand management, creative strategy, media planning, business development, talent recruitment, event planning, and effective public relations strategies. Prior to HBR, he was Creative Director of Tribune Media Services, where he led the growth of the company's creative/marketing department as well as contributed to the creation and team engagement of the first interactive web-based development department aligned with creative services.

    Brian has a history of building positive relationships with customers, stakeholders, peers, direct reports and all levels of operational leadership.

  • Brendan Joiner
    Intelligence Analyst
    Miami, FL
    • Legal Market Research
    • Technical Writing
    • Practice Mgmt Software
    Brendan Joiner
    Intelligence Analyst

    Brendan Joiner works as an Intelligence Analyst for Hyperion Research, the analyst-based market research and advisory unit of Hyperion Global Partners.  Brendan works closely with Hyperion’s business solutions teams and consultants to define, develop and deploy Hyperion's market-leading research and benchmarking programs. A regular collaborator on Hyperion’s widely-acclaimed agenda of reports, presentations and other publications, Brendan actively contributes to project research and planning, business development, and client relations, producing a balance of leading research, benchmarking, metrics, market intelligence and decision-support solutions. Brendan also engages closely with solution providers, clients, thought leaders and a wide spectrum of experts in the legal, business, and intellectual property management solution markets.

    Prior to joining Hyperion, Brendan honed his skills as technical writer and researcher in a number of business, legal, marketing, and legal software ventures.  At Aderant N.A., a leading legal practice management and financial software company, he served as technical writer and solution support associate in training and development.  Brendan also supported research and development, including responsibilities for various scientific, development, and research publications, for AlkaLife International, a medical solutions corporation based in Miami.

    An avid writer with an overload of intellectual curiosity, Brendan also pursues more personal creative projects including on-line blogging, short-story and novel writing, and story crafting for website design.

  • Eyal Iffergan
    President and CEO
    Sugar Land, TX
    • Intellectual Property
    • Practice Mgmt & Operations
    • Performance Mgmt & KPIs
    Eyal Iffergan
    President and CEO


    Eyal Iffergan is President and CEO of Hyperion Global Partners, a premier global consultancy for legal business strategy and operations.  With over 20 years of experience advising to the legal and intellectual property business communities, his practice is focused on helping clients to manage the business of law – he is considered a global authority on legal operational performance management.  An expert in addressing the challenges of legal business operations, process, organization and technology, he works with AmLaw 200 law firms and Global 1000 corporations to design and implement enterprise-wide strategy and transformation programs.

    He has worked with many of the world's leading law firms and corporations to implement dynamic business strategies and systems to align process with business objectives, manage intellectual assets, formalize and codify workflow, and create collaborative work environments through holistic information management strategies. 

    Mr. Iffergan has broad-based legal process and technology experience in leading and managing influential global practices and companies, including founding and building several market-revolutionizing enterprises.   His experience includes programs for transformation in IP Management, Information Strategy, Workflow and Process Automation, Practice Operations, Risk Portfolio Management, and Cloud-based Operational Infrastructure. 

    Prior to founding Hyperion Global Partners, Mr. Iffergan was a Principal at Baker Robbins & Company, at the time the industry’s largest and leading technology consulting company, and led it to its acquisition.  Mr. Iffergan was also President of an international innovations corporation specializing in the applications and licensing of advanced technologies in high security and communications.

    A leading industry expert, he holds numerous awards and recognitions from industry associations and is a frequent speaker at IP and legal professional conferences.