Hyperion Announces 2014 MarketView Report on E-Billing and Matter Management

Report provides a comprehensive review of the e-billing and matter management market from the perspective of Enterprise Legal Management

Sugar Land, TX, December 1, 2014– Hyperion Global Partners, a premier business and technology consulting practice to the legal profession, today announces the company’s research arm has released its 2014 version of its widely acclaimed MarketViewTM Report: Enterprise Legal Management: E-billing and Matter Management Systems for Corporations.  The report provides a global perspective on e-billing and matter management solutions, best practices and trends.

Updated for 2014, and based on over 300 hours of industry benchmarking, client interviews and vendor briefings, this MarketViewTM report serves as an invaluable resource for General Counsel and Legal Operations Managers to understand the leading trends in corporate legal department management, and the software solutions landscape, including:

  • Solutions capable of global law department support
  • Solutions oriented towards the needs of mid- to large-sized law departments
  • Integrated solutions that address the needs of Enterprise Legal Management
  • Solutions with workflow and advanced automation capabilities
  • Solutions specifically designed to support a collaborative ELM process
  • Advanced reporting and analytics
  • Solutions built on current technologies, particularly in terms of scalability and security

Each year, Hyperion Research looks at the broad mix of vendors in the market. For this report, the company identified 21 solution providers, and focused on leading Advanced ELM Solution products that meet or exceed our proprietary Key Solution Component criteria using our VendorViewTM Evaluation Process. Vendors covered in the 2014 report include Bridgeway, Datacert, doeLegal, LexisNexis, Mitratech, Thomson Reuters (Serengeti) and TyMetrix.

“Each year, we spend hundreds of analyst man-hours with vendors, clients, law department operations managers and thought leaders to help our clients understand the ELM solution market, and inform critical technology and operational decision-making,” stated Ralph Schroeder, Managing Director of Hyperion Research, a division of HyperionGP.

Eyal Iffergan, President of Hyperion Global Partners, adds that “Hyperion’s research program has informed the world’s leading legal operations improvement initiatives.  We work tirelessly to continually monitor and assess the market and provide curated intelligence that can translate directly to operational ROI.”

The report is available to Hyperion Research Membership clients, or for individual report purchase online at Hyperion Research.  Purchase of the report also includes a 60-minute briefing session with a Hyperion Senior Analyst to discuss and answer questions about the market and specific solution providers.


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