Vendor Briefing Policy


Hyperion Research has developed a number of tools, policies, and procedures that allow us to work efficiently and effectively with vendors to learn about their company, products and services. The Vendor Briefing Process is our methodology for collecting information and interacting with vendors.

Hyperion Research highly values its vendor relationships. We respect the vital importance in providing accurate and reliable information in our research and advice, and maintain the highest standards in working with vendors to meet this imperative. Please click here to see our Policy Regarding Independence, Objectivity, Opinion and Accuracy for additional information.



Vendors are encouraged to contact Hyperion Research to initiate the Vendor Briefing process. Please click here to access our Request Vendor Briefing form.


Participation in the Vendor Briefing process is at the sole discretion of Hyperion Research. Our analysts, in actively managing our research process, decide which technologies, products, services and vendors are considered within scope of our Research Agenda. Hyperion Research analysts apply the same selection criteria to vendor clients and non-clients alike. In some instances it may be determined that a vendor does not fit Hyperion’s research agenda.


Upon receipt of the Request Vendor Briefing form, the vendor will receive a verification and initial introduction email from the assigned Hyperion Research analyst. This will include further instruction and a Vendor Briefing schedule. If a written questionnaire has been provided, responses are due within 2-4 weeks, with Oral Presentations scheduled 2-4 weeks thereafter.



Hyperion Research may request that a Vendor Briefing Questionnaire be completed in writing. This may or may not be requested, at the discretion of the analyst. The Vendor Briefing Questionnaire is a written document that allows the vendor to provide narrative responses to questions about their company, clients, products and services. Hyperion Research develops the questionnaires based on information considered critical to the research agenda, and the information considered important for companies evaluating a vendor’s capabilities and potential fit. Our analysts also review Vendor Briefing Questionnaires with vendors – subject to our policy on independence – and we are open to revising questionnaires, at our sole discretion, based on such vendor feedback and input.


Vendors are encouraged to provide complete responses that are concise, yet sufficiently developed to identify and highlight the key features and functions of their solution. Vendors should minimize marketing subterfuge, but are encouraged to explain advantages in their capabilities versus other alternatives. Vendor are permitted to provide additional information that it considers relevant and useful.


Vendors should also supplement their Vendor Briefing Questionnaire responses with requested supporting documentation, as well as relevant and substantive collateral materials such as case studies, technical documentation and functional overviews which aid in understanding the solutions capabilities.



The Oral Vendor Presentation provides a forum for the vendor to present its product(s), company and vision. The briefing session should be considered the primary opportunity for the vendor to present what it feels is the most important information it wishes to communicate to Hyperion Research. The presentation is also an opportunity for the vendor’s management team to directly interact with their analyst in a more dynamic and interactive setting. The Oral Vendor Presentation is generally done remotely, but can be scheduled for an on site meeting where considered useful to the briefing process.


Generally the flow of information is from vendor to analyst. The vendor may ask the analyst clarifying questions, but the vendor should be prepared to conduct the meeting based on a structured agenda that supports the Vendor Briefing Questionnaire and appropriate related topics. The Oral Vendor Presentation is not an opportunity for the vendor to ask questions or elicit general industry or market discussion with the analyst.


The Oral Vendor Presentation typically lasts 30-90 minutes, but the allotted time will be scheduled between vendor and analyst. The vendor is encouraged to submit a proposed agenda, including time segments, as well as any advanced materials that it feels should be reviewed prior to the briefing session. Advanced materials are very helpful to use the time most effectively.


Hyperion Research reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to either schedule or not schedule Oral Vendor Presentations.



We value the confidentiality of vendor information. However, our business requires the free flow of information and opinion. It is critical that our analysts be able to freely write about the information they receive. Therefore, in most cases, the Vendor Briefing process is considered non-confidential; only under special circumstances will specifically identified information be treated as confidential.


Please click here to see our Policy Regarding Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements for vendor related information.


If a vendor anticipates the need to disclose confidential information, it should advise the Hyperion Research analyst before any confidential information is disclosed. Only with written agreement will confidential information be accepted and, if warranted, will such materials be considered subject to applicable protective measures.



The ability to verify and validate information is a critical aspect of the Vendor Briefing process. Vendors are strongly encouraged to consider their ability to support claimed capabilities by demonstrated verification and validation. This includes the ability to provide client references and other independent information sources, and to show live functionality in a production ready environment.


Where vendors wish to present future capabilities, it is expected that accurate development and release timelines be provided. A vendor’s reputation for accuracy and reliability in future release discussions is an important consideration in the Hyperion Research and vendor relationship.



We welcome updates about the vendor company, products and services. Generally, updates can be accomplished through written communication, without reengaging the complete Vendor Briefing process. In certain instances, for example significant company organization changes or major product releases, the vendor may request an oral presentation or teleconference.