Once available as a spend management tool for only the richest of legal organizations, legal e-billing today is an affordable technology available to almost any legal enterprise.

Systems include features to organize processes associated legal bill transmission and approval, time and rate management, case planning and budgeting, and compliance with mandated procedures.  As we learned in the economic crisis of 2008, these systems can highlight risk in a global organization.

Legal spend data is a key component of a comprehensive business intelligence program.

What started as a pipeline for the receipt, review, approval and payment of invoices is today an important compliance and knowledge management tool.

Setting up legal e-billing for an organization located in a single country that hires Outside Counsel only from within that same country requires a certain measure of skill.  But consider the challenges in establishing a system for a global organization where

  • There are law departments in many countries and, in some cases, legal services may be requisitioned directly by the business;
  • Multiple workflows must be established based on regional, organizational or subject -matter criteria; and
  • Key systems may not serve the entire enterprise, resulting in the need for multiple integrations or establishing alternative processes. For AP systems this can be a real challenge.


Hyperion offers a myriad of services associated with legal e-billing. We can:
  • Evaluate the sufficiency of existing technologies or processes and recommend changes
  • Determine high-level requirements and workflows that need to be supported by a new system
  • Assist with system selection including running an RFP and evaluate solutions using Hyperion’s proprietary resources, including our MarketView Research Program, as well as our unique Comparative Analysis methodology
  • Conduct detailed requirements definitions to identify the Functional Requirements that must be supported by the new system design or redesign
  • Project management for system configuration, integration, data quality testing, training and on-boarding
  • Provide guidance on the global rules and requirements associated with global legal e-billing


Global E-Billing Advisory Services

Although legal e-billing in the US remains largely unregulated, it is still complicated.  Global e-billing is another thing altogether.

Legal e-Billing is a sub-discipline of Electronic Invoicing, which, outside of the US, is a highly regulated business process.

The term global e-billing includes situations where:

  • A US company requires legal vendors outside the US to e-bill, or includes ex-US corporate locations that refer legal work for handling; and
  • Any client or any legal vendor located outside the US, even if they are located in the same country

There may be laws or regulations that impact all facts of the process (required data elements, proof of origination, data privacy, storage and archiving, to name a few).  In addition to the legislature, additional source of regulations can be issued by the country’s tax authority, an economic region to which a country belongs, governmental agencies and even professional associations.


Failure to adhere to requirements can result in penalties and fines – or worse. 


Understanding these requirements and creating a compliant system can be very tricky.  Fortunately Hyperion experts have this under control.  We work with clients and vendors to provide information on the requirements which must be followed and already have compiled and monitor requirements in most countries world-wide.



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