Legal practice managers must the complex operational processes of multi-faceted organizational structures.    At Hyperion, we work with the various stakeholders group in legal – service providers, consumers of legal services, investors and educators – to understand and master the world of accelerated change in the legal vertical.

HYPERION OFFERS professional presentations, seminars, workshops and keynote addresses ON legal service delivery and THE BUSINESS OF LAW.

We provide senior leadership that have led some the industry’s most notable and written-about transformations for speaking engagements on a variety of new model service delivery and legal transformation topics.

common speaking topics include:

  • Changes In Legal Delivery
  • New Models For Law Firm/Legal Service Delivery
  • Regulatory Overviews And Global Practice
  • Integration Of The Legal Supply Chain
  • Emerging Trends In Legal Service
  • Legal Education Reform
  • New Models For Addressing The Access To Justice Crisis
  • New Opportunities For Lawyers


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