Litigation Lifecycle Management

Hyperion’s Litigation Strategy & Management practice is dedicated to providing strategic advisory services that directly address the ever changing landscape of litigation practice management.  Our experts provide innovative strategies and effective and efficient solutions throughout the Litigation Lifecycle:


  • Proactive, cost-effective litigation readiness programs
  • Data management strategies
  • Post-event programs


Litigation Evaluations and Strategy Management

Does your organization have a defined workflow and appropriate technology and staffing model to support your litigation and electronic discovery needs?  We help our clients to enhance and develop the most effective and efficient workflows, develop best practices, evaluate staffing and resources requirements, and acquire the most appropriate technology solutions.


We develop and implement strategic litigation management methodologies and approaches:
Litigation Support Staffing AssessmentsStrategic case management process
Workflow & Best Practice Process Development  Cost Analysis and Billing/Recovery Strategy 
Technology Assessments, Product Selection and Implementation Management  Large case project management, oversight and support 


Litigation Preparedness

We work with you to develop and ensure that your e-discovery team is appropriately configured, and to install a Litigation Readiness Plan that is current, repeatable, and defensible. We can assess your current plan, if you have one, and assist you with the development of additional strategies to ensure that litigation efforts are streamlined and will minimize the costs and disruption to the organization when litigation is reasonably anticipated.


For corporate law departments, our services focus on:
  • Ensuring the preparedness of an e-discovery “team”
  • Establishment of current, repeatable and defensible plans
  • Assessment and assistance in effective data mapping strategies
  • Identification, review and implementation of relevant technologies, where appropriate.


For law firms, our advisory includes:
  • Internal readiness reviews
  • General Counsel strategies and services, including partnership development and excellence in client service