Translating Functional Requirements into Technology Initiatives

Hyperion's proprietary Requirements Definition and System Selection Methodologies have been honed and streamlined over years of working with the world's leading law firms, law departments and other legal service organizations to translate process and information needs into systems requirements.  Our approach is to focus on how technology can best be used.

We bring a streamlined approach, supported and continually informed by our proprietary Hyperion Research Market Intelligence Apparatus, to drive, execute and document your requirements and selection process. Our unique objective and subjective Comparative Analysis Methodology provides the tools and defensible processes for selecting the right technologies best suited to your practice's unique needs.


Our Center of Excellence Approach

  • Translate information needs into systems requirements
  • Our focus is on how technology can best be used.
    • Establish mechanisms to leverage enterprise information for strategic gains
    • Multidisciplinary approach to information management
    • Enhance client service
    • Maximize return on investment (ROI)
  • Backed by the deepest knowledge of practice management systems, concepts and best practices in the industry
  • Determine system requirements to include functional, technical, and vendor support criteria
  • Comparative Product Analysis


Actionable Deliverables

We'll work with your leadership team to assess current state, identify opportunities for improvement, and define specific and detailed System Requirements tailored to your information and process management needs.  Our Requirements Definition and System Selection Programs focus on key technology Solution Components, including:

User InterfaceSearch and Retrieval
Matter Administration  Reporting and Forms 
Workflow and Automation  Enterprise Data Integrations 
Document and Work Product Handling  Technical Platform and Design 
Event Management  Brand strength, industry success/experience and vendor support capabilities


Our System Selection and Requirements Definition Deliverables Package includes:

  • System Requirements Matrix:  Functional and technical specifications for Practice Management systems – including specific practice and departmental requirements.
  • Hyperion Research MarketViewTM Report:  Our methodologies and advisory are informed by in-depth market landscape research and analysis by our Hyperion Research analysts.
  • Product Evaluation Scorecard:  We will prepare a scorecard, based on the System Requirements Matrix, for practice evaluators to complete based on their evaluations and impressions of the reviewed products.
  • Comparative Analysis and Selection Recommendation:  An assessment of product capabilities, and applicability to practice requirements based on the System Requirements Definition.



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