Workflow & Automation Practice

Workflow and Automation are practical methods by which progressive organization leverage process and technology best practices to evolve their business.  Hyperion’s Workflow and Automation practice focuses on leveraging workflow and automation technologies and platforms to integrate complementary systems and processes. Automated workflow presents the opportunity to reach new audiences across the organization and inspire them to work collaboratively in an Enterprise that puts all of the information relevant to the practitioner’s day-to-day work at his fingertips. Workflow-based systems allow you to smartly leverage technology to realize exponential gains, from tactical, day-to-day operations – the “low-hanging fruit” that can present quick and meaningful success – to the most strategic levels of thought in the organization. Hyperion’s Workflow and Automation experts help our clients to address the challenges of their business, including:

  • Leverage of staff – codify policies and procedures to route, manage, and audit your processes.
  • Automate – leverage your systems to automate the generation and timing of your work product. You also don’t need to constantly re-invent the wheel with your work product – establish boilerplates and template that both automate your work and mitigate your risk.
  • Delegate – use workflow to delegate work and establish rules for your staff that guide their work so that you can remove yourself from the process until necessary.
  • Collaborate – codify your institutional knowledge and share it with colleagues, clients, and partners. Establish “self-service” processes that allow your constituency to initiate requests and participate in managing their own portfolios.
  • Paperless processes – Workflow-based systems automate and manage the routing of information throughout the enterprise. Create electronic file wrappers associated with your matters, and relate your work product in the context in which it was created. You can create efficient processes that reduce or eliminate your reliance on paper and manual processes.


Our Workflow Services Deliver  Competitive Core Competencies

  • Best Practice Process Management – for process engagement, parallel-process information management, intuitive navigation, user engagement and data automation
  • Technology Management – workflow system selections, requirements definition, cross-platform data point integrations, and streamlined deployment
  • Risk Management – process and data auditing best practices to ensure compliance with legal and policy responsibilities and requirements


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