Solution Support Program for

BPM/Workflow Systems

Hyperion’s Solution Support Subscription provides a superior level of expertise and assistance for Firms using various BPM platforms that includes technical support and development for in-production solutions.


Hyperion's Solution Support Program delivers a complete service package for a fixed annual contract rate.


Technical Support and Maintenance

Hyperion will provide support and maintenance services for the Firm’s Covered Systems and address any defects in the production process(es) as they may arise, including:

  • Answer technical or process-related questions for Client staff
  • Review, research, and resolve issues
  • Escalate and manage issues relating to integration with Financial Systems
  • Escalate and manage issues relating to Covered System bug fixes
  • Make adjustments and changes to interface or process as required for issue resolution
  • Install and test Covered Solution Hotfixes and Service Packs
  • New or Replacement Server Installation of Covered System


Process Maintenance and Change Requests

Hyperion will provide design, technical enhancements, and consulting expertise for requested changes to the Covered System Process(es).  Our services may include:

  • Review and Discovery
  • Best Practice Consulting
  • Scoping and Scheduling
  • Technical execution
  • Testing and Deployment
  • Request Lifecycle tracking


Service Commitments

Hyperion’s normal support hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm US Central Standard Time.  Extended hours may be made available for ‘System Down’ and critical issues, or where scheduled in advance for resource availability requirements.

Hyperion will make every effort to respond to critical issues within four (4) hours of notification, and non-critical issues within one (1) business day. Hyperion will work to resolve all issues in a timely manner using all reasonable efforts based on severity, source, and related dependencies for the issue involved.

Additional Information

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