Outside Counsel Guidelines Review

Our Outside Counsel Guidelines Review is a limited engagement service that centers around three documents commonly issued by legal organizations that retain legal vendors:  Outside Counsel Guidelines, Billing Requirements and Litigation Management Guidelines.

These documents are very commonly disorganized and poorly written.  Too frequently, legal organizations make edits to sections of the document without reassessing the document as a whole.  What results is choppy, inconsistent and confusing.

A legal vendor can receive scores of these documents from clients.  They must understand the requirements and determine what must be done to meet the client’s expectations.  Especially when legal e-billing is required, the quality of these instructional documents directly impact a firm’s ability to successfully submit electronic invoices on the first try.


From the Outside Counsel Guidelines Hall of Fame:

"One document we worked with was more than 100 pages long! Another was less than 40 pages but repeated each requirement multiple times, each in a slightly different way."


Hyperion's Outside Counsel Guidelines Review includes:
  • Review your current documents to understand requirements as written
  • Discuss the needs of the legal organization and the document as written to identify gaps
  • Offer suggestions to align with common requirements and best practices
  • Redraft the document so it is clearly written, concise and aligns with your organizational needs


Electronic Billing Rules Review

When invoices are uploaded and submitted to an e-billing system, validation rules run to ensure the submission can be opened, read and understood, meets basic quality requirements and complies with client requirements.  Structural issues and rules deemed “serious” result in the automatic rejection of the invoice, whereas minor issues are flagged for review and consideration by bill reviewers.

Poorly written validation rules result in unnecessary invoice rejections and can block appropriate invoice submissions from passing into the system.  Perhaps even more serious, they can result in so many flags that it is impossible for bill reviewers to identify what violations are important, hindering bill review instead of helping it.  And they can create stumbling blocks for the submitting firm that can often only be solved by manually editing a LEDES invoice file.

Our Favorite Offender:

Hours x Rate = Charge

This rule doesn’t permit firms to fee down a line item without changing either the hours or rate and conflicts with timekeeping philosophies at the law firm that directly impact compensation.  The rule should correctly read:

Charge <= Hours * Rate


Hyperion's panel of legal operations and e-billing experts have worked with the dozens of e-billing systems available today and can help you fine tune e-bill validation rules to meet your objectives while easing the burden on both bill reviewers and legal vendors.


We can help you build and implement intelligent rules.   



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