As the legal industry’s premier source of independent market research and advisory services, Hyperion Research offers access to our Research Library and Advisory Services through a unique annual subscription program.

Our all-inclusive fixed price annual Program Fee provides unparalleled access to our research, insights, events, and - most importantly - our team of experts in every legal operations and practice management discipline.

Our Membership Program is open to law departments, law firms, solution providers and other legal service organizations to empower them with the most relevant and reliable legal market intelligence - and to help them make intelligent, fact based decisions about how to improve their operational performance.

Subscription to the Hyperion Research membership program includes all of the following:

Direct Analyst Access

The core of our Membership Program is the direct access to our leading team of thought leaders and industry experts. We'll work with you to directly address the needs of your business.
  • Open access to Senior Analysts across our Research segments
  • Dedicated quarterly analyst briefings
  • Assigned client relationship manager
  • Quarterly market briefings
  • Member-only preferred consulting and advisory rates

Research Library

The heart of Hyperion Research is our research agenda. We provide the most comprehensive collection of analysis, opinion and advice for all legal technology constituents.
  • Enterprise subscriptions
  • Open access to all Hyperion Research reports and materials
  • MarketView™, TrendView™, and Insights™ on demand
  • Broad use and distribution rights

Benchmarking and Metrics

We provide benchmarking, metrics, trends and performance indicators industry-wide. We can also customize metrics to specific peer groups, be they industry verticals, corporate profiles, or even specifically peer companies. No market intelligence program can offer more pragmatic results.
  • On-going survey and benchmark studies
  • Exclusive Hyperion-hosted Conferences
  • Hyperion Global Thought Leadership programs
  • Exclusive peer group forums

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