Intellectual Property Management

Manage, Improve and Resolve the Challenges of the Business of IP

Focus on involvement and accountability in real time

Collaborate and manage information (as opposed to paper) processes

Use technology to automate repeatable, valuable tasks

Focus on complete IP Lifecycle Management – people, process, and technology

Our approach to IP Business Management focuses on complete IP Lifecycle Management – we believe the most meaningful value is derived by leveraging the three cornerstones of the IP business model – People, Process and Technology – in a holistic approach that always considers the context of the IP.

We help clients to implement best practices through an evolution of competencies that comprise our proprietary IPBM Value Continuum:

  • Workflow: intra-practice and organization-wide information processes
  • Automation: automate repeatable, valuable tasks for predictive and logic-driven data management
  • Collaboration:  involvement and accountability in real time
  • Knowledge Management:  capture every knowledge perspective and build institutional models to drive action swiftly and measurably

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