Independence, Objectivity, Opinion and Accuracy


Hyperion Research provides independent market research for the Legal Technology market. Our clients include all organization types, including corporations and law firms, product vendors and service providers, and market investors and private equity companies. Our clients depend on Hyperion’s insight and perspectives to make better informed decisions about key issues facing their Legal business and operational technology needs.

The value we bring our clients comes from our independence and objectivity. We actively review and are always open to constructive discussion on alternative perspectives in our research and advisory work product. This policy describes important aspects of our approach.



Our research agenda is driven by industry needs – the key issues and interests facing our clients. All new research projects, vendor coverage and advisory assignments are thoroughly reviewed and vetted to ensure independence and objectivity. While we appreciate and actively consider inputs from both our clients and vendors, we always retain final authority for both our industry focus areas and research work product.

All of our analysts are committed to independence and objectivity in their research and advisory work. This is a matter of both personal reputation and credibility, and Hyperion’s standing in the industry as a trusted advisor. While our analysts have extensive industry experience, our structured independence process, which includes both manager and peer-review of all work product, ensures analysts maintain the proper perspective in their work.

Neither our analysts or any others within Hyperion may accept gratuitous payments, services, gifts or entertainment from any former, current or potential client or vendor (except items of nominal value such as meals or novelties.)




Hyperion’s research work product provides a combination of facts and opinions. To the extent possible, Hyperion clearly identifies information presented as facts. Some facts are attained from primary sources. Some facts, however, may be attained from secondary sources. Where possible such second-sourced information may be verified or corroborated. Hyperion is careful to not knowingly make false representations of fact.

A substantial amount of Hyperion research work product is presented as opinion. Our opinions are considered well informed, and are based on information received from a broad range of sources, including but not limited to: vendor discussions, vendor demos, collateral materials, whitepapers, website content, and other vendor created or contributed information; discussions with industry professionals considered knowledgeable of the vendor; and other information, such as internet research, conference presentations and other materials.

We expect and specifically advise our clients to carefully consider our advice, and maintain the final ultimate authority in how they use or do not use our advice.




Hyperion maintains full editorial independence over all research reports, research findings and other analysis work product. Our research coverage of any vendor is based on their significance in the market and the interests of our clients, without regard to whether they are a Hyperion client. Hyperion Research market reports or vendor assessments are not funded or otherwise sponsored by any vendor.

Vendors communicate information about their products and services to analysts through our vendor briefings, and related discussions and contributions. The vendor briefings use a structured, defined process, and all vendors participating in a vendor briefing receive the same consideration and access as their peers.

Vendors may, in limited circustances, be permitted to review certain fact-oriented aspects of a research publication prior to publication to assure that it is factually accurate. Also, a client that is the subject of a case study typically is permitted to review research before it is published. However, in neither case are Hyperion’s opinions, analysis or findings influenced by the vendor or client.

Should a vendor have questions or concerns about any of our research or advice, we maintain an open policy to accept and review additional information or perspective. While we are always confident and committed to our work product when published, our imperative of accuracy allows for possible updates, revisions or notices of correction when warranted.



Hyperion is committed to the accuracy and reliability of its research and advice. All fact-related vendor information is reviewed for accuracy and reliability. Where possible, we attempt to verify information directly with vendors. We also attempt to corroborate information from independent sources. In instances where Hyperion feels that information is critical or important to its research or advice, and a vendor can not or chooses to not verify the information, Hyperion may either omit the information, or publish the information with an explanation that such information has not been verified.



Hyperion is engaged for advisory assignments by both companies and vendors. All work assignments are confidential, including the fact that Hyperion has been retained, the nature of the work, and any work product.

Hyperion may be engaged by a vendor to assess and interpret either a market segment or services provided by that vendor to a specific customer or group of customers. Hyperion may also be engaged by a vendor or group of vendors to perform a market study or assessment. Generally any work product is considered confidential and can not be published directly by the vendor, with or without attribution to Hyperion. Research findings, including work commissioned by a vendor, may be published directly by Hyperion, at its sole discretion, through reports and other available content.

Hyperion does not provide competitive intelligence studies, vendor commissioned review of competitor products, or work on any other projects which would put Hyperion in a position to compromise or appear to compromise a vendor’s proprietary information.



Hyperion respects the sensitivity of information with which is has access. Hyperion is proactive in identifying and protecting the proprietary information of of which Hyperion is privy. This includes materials specifically marked “confidential”, as well as information that should be reasonably understood as not being public domain information.

With regard to vendor information, Hyperion makes all attempts to not receive confidential information (see Policy on Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements for Vendors .) If Hyperion is to publish public but potentially sensitive or proprietary facts or events, Hyperion will attempt to discuss with the vendor prior to publication or client presentation.



Hyperion does not purchase technology, either directly or indirectly, for its clients. Hyperion may assist clients with system selection and/or implementation as part of related company consulting firms (Hyperion Consulting). These projects are subject to, and strictly adhere to, Hyperion’s Policy Regarding Independence, Objectivity, Opinion and Accuracy. Hyperion receives no direct or indirect renumeration from vendors as part of any selection or implementation project.